GOTH:insideOUT is a feature length documentary (gothumentary) film and Web project about the world-wide Goth subculture, produced, written and directed by David Sloma. Camera work by Tom Pauncz and David Sloma, with additional camera by Aldo Erdic. Editing by (seeking an editor, or likely Dave is going to be doing it all: been through 3 editors already).

Interviews and contributors in the film:  Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots, Baron Marcus of the Vampire Beach Babes, Nancy Kilpatrick author of The Goth Bible, Lance Goth (the past owner of Sanctuary Vampire Sex Bar, The Catacombs, The Vatikan), The Westborough Baptist Church, Noah Korda from Bats Day in the Fun Park, Michael Ratt (of The Dark Place Gothic Society, healer and musician), Nik Beat (poet, musician, broadcaster), Stella Sanders the designer of S.I.N.S. Gothic Punk Fashions, Mitch Kroll (Beyond the Gates of Hell radio show, the band Masochistic Religion), members of the Goth scene world-wide, the band Freakency, Cad Gold Jr., photographer Hugues LeBlanc, DJ Todd (ex-Sanctuary Vampire Sex Bar DJ and Internet broadcaster with synthetic.org), Jo Kuczynska of Fluffer Designs, Veronique Chevalier AKA The “Weird Val” of Cabaret, author Liz Worth (“Treat Me Like Dirt”), and lots more! With video contributions from the Goth scene around the world!

It is scheduled for release in 2010. (EDIT: it was, but Dave has learned not to put silly things like release dates on his art. The film will be done when it’s done.) It has been over eight years in the making; filming began in 2002 and it’s been picked up whenever the filmmakers had time since then. Being a true independent production, things have often taken far longer than anticipated, but often turn out far better than hoped for!

The DVD release will contain bonus musical performances from bands included in the film, extended interviews, a Gothic photo gallery and as much as we can pack in there!

Pre-sale information will be listed soon, so check back to purchase the film at a promotional discount.

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A Rockin’ Films production.


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