Back to editing, well, trying….

March 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

The other day, I went to open the 2 hour rough cut of the film to get back to work and hit some technical issues. Seems that the rebuilt editing PC (that began having motherboard issues last year after 10 years of service) I was hoping would work with my old files just didn’t want to do it. I had replaced the motherboard but something is still not right.

The editing is at a stand-still until I get my editing PC running how it should. I’m going to try reinstalling the software, so fingers crossed. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to get a another PC (or a Mac I can dual boot). The rough cut was done in Vegas Video, so I’d rather find a way to make that work then have to start over!

So, delayed yet again! But I will keep going and find a way to get my film finished. The GOTH:InsideOut documentary is going to be an even more poignant time-capsule/portrait of the Goth scene that was, as two of the people interviewed for the film are now passed away, Nik and Linda.

That’s extra motivation for me to pick up this project and get it finally finished. But it seems to be moving along at its own speed, so it’ll be done when it’s done.


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